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most vulnerable CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

Aspired Futures is a Blackpool based charitable organisation providing long-term, life-changing therapeutic services for the most 'hard to reach' vulnerable children and young people many of which are from chaotic family backgrounds where poor mental health, addiction, learning difficulties, domestic violence and poor parenting skills are the norm.

Our unique ‘wrap around the child’ solution focused approach delivers tailored services to support each child or young person in overcoming their personal challenges and empower them to experience and establish the skills they need to improve their own life-chances.

There is never a ‘typical’ or ‘quiet’ day at Aspired Futures.  There are daily activity sessions after school and at the weekend ranging from regular one-to-one sessions, themed group sessions, learning support lead by a qualified and experienced teacher plus opportunities to experience drama, music, sports and cooking.  Our Transport Facilitator and Assistant provide safe journeys to remove all barriers to access their weekly session; games, chatting and songs in journey times are part of the session.  In addition to planned sessions we are able to respond to crisis situations and provide one-to-one support when necessary.  Children being referred to our service can enjoy taster sessions outside the usual groups when the house is quiet.  Behaviour management and communication skills are improved through traditional games, without technology, helping children and young people to achieve their personal goals and build their own resilience and coping mechanisms.

Behind the scenes of the group sessions our days are filled with multi-agency meetings, in-house training for staff and volunteers, report writing, financial planning and management, long-term strategic management and operational team meetings to reflect on delivery and set themes for groups and sessions.

We research funding opportunities constantly, submit robust applications for grant funding and explore every opportunity to engage with potential sponsors and donors.

Take a look at the list of events from just one day at Aspired in September 2016:


  • New volunteer and new Lead Sessional Worker complete on-line Safeguarding level 1 at Kensington
  • Apprentice attending First Aid Training


  • Group time 3.30 – 8.30pm includes safe pickup/return home by Transport Facilitator & Transport Assistant – games, songs, theme chat in the car
  • Focus group for up to 12 children who are responding to intervention and achieving person goals.  Opportunities to explore new/extra activities through free and structured leisure. Gardening, Cooking, Art.
  • Home cooked meal – social time with children, staff & volunteers sharing stories/experiences from the day
  • Focus on healthy living, eating well, exercise and personal hygiene. Developing interpersonal skills and sustaining positive behaviour.
  • Volunteer lead sports activities. Nutritional meal, children help to plan and prepare meal to share with staff & volunteers
  • Individual learning programme(s) with Teacher B – focus on school assignments and enhanced ‘catch-up’ for curriculum key stage targets.
    3 or 4 children 1-2-1 with teacher + 1-2-1 volunteer support
  • Learning period 4.30 – 6.30 (socialization and breaks within the Comfy Wednesday Group)


  • 9.00  Sue attending St.Mary’s High School for child D and E discussing behaviour support plans
  • 10.00 Sue attending Child in Need meeting at Bickerstaffe House for child F
  • 11.00  Helen and Lorna meeting Gary Hitchen re Pension Scheme
  • 14.00-15.00  Sue attending Child in Need meeting at Special Educational Unit Pegasus Centre in Blackpool re child C
  • 16.00  Carmen and Sue meeting Steve, practice Teacher and Social Worker Student on Placement re student placement update


  • Lorna and Carmen reviewing Quality Assurance tool in preparation of a Quality Assurance meeting facilitated by 2 Trustees covering Governance
  • Helen review grant funding report requirements and new funding opportunities – report to Carmen
  • Sue preparing report for multi-agency meeting

The majority of our supported children and young people are distressed and have high anxiety, fear, erratic, irrational, compulsive or destructive behaviours which result in exclusion or being marginalised from mainstream education.  They have little or no access to recreational sport, culture or fun based activities.

Aspired Futures can offer one to one support and supervision in all settings ensuring the safety of children and young people through the additional commitment of dedicated, intergenerational and trained volunteers.

We provide a family environment at our ‘home from home’ therapeutic centre where children feel safe and valued.  We give each child a sense of belonging, empowering children and young people to strengthen their resilience, confidence and life skills. We provide access to a wide range of activities and experiences ensuring our supported children and young people have equal choices and opportunities.

Aspired Futures compliments and works in partnership with a wide range of services as part of multi-agency family support plans. Our focus is entirely on the child or young person ensuring their need is listened to and catered for and not overtaken by the overall need of the family. Multi agency support provides a safety net however it has low or no impact on the immediate practical and emotional needs of children and young people living in daily chaos and stress. Aspired Futures offers children and young people an instant easy accessible high impact service.

We empower children and young people to become independent, confident, participating citizens with the ability to achieve and thrive in education, training and employment

Our ultimate goals for every child or young person who receives support from Aspired Futures –

They feel supported and safe knowing their voice will be listened to as they strive to meet their own challenges and achieve their personal goals,  improved mental and physical well-being with the resilience to be able to overcome the challenges they will face in the future.

Being engaged and enthusiastic in school or college with aspirations of long-term fulfilling employment.

Confident and able to live independently, making informed live choices and becoming positive contributors for their family and their community.

…and finally, that they feel HAPPY!

Aspired Futures believes committing to long-term support which focuses on individual needs will improve the life-chances of vulnerable and ‘at risk’ children and young people.  To ensure we grasp every opportunity to share this vision we actively interact with other service providers, policy makers and academic research bodies to share best practice, models & methods of working and the evidence of our outcomes.

To enable children and young people to achieve their full potential, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Call Sue now on 01253 769 755 for further information on connecting with Aspired. Thank you.

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