Based in Blackpool we provide long-term, life-changing therapeutic services for the most ‘hard to reach’ children and young people.

Our work would not be possible without the support of organisations such as The Kensington Foundation who provide us with rent free accommodation and local businesses who donate. We also have many individuals making donations and volunteering their time.

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We support children and young people ensuring they feel safe and that their voice will be heard, as they strive to meet their own challenges and achieve their personal goals. We want them to feel HAPPY. Here are some of the referral types we support.

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On behalf of my fellow trustees and the staff at Aspired Futures, I would like to thank everyone for their sympathetic responses to my announcement that the Board had taken the very difficult decision to close Aspired Futures operation on 31 March 2021. Your expressions of shock and sadness mean a great deal to all of us. Sharing the news is a very difficult task for our team members and I am very proud of their continued professionalism as they continue to share the news. The kindness being given during our communications with you is making a real and lasting difference.

A lot has happened since I made the announcement about the heart-breaking decision to close Aspired Futures. Whilst the Board of Trustees found it extremely difficult to take the decision to close Aspired Futures charity, we have been extremely proud of the services provided by our excellent team of staff and volunteers over the last 12 years. Their dedication to our children and young people has been exemplary. They have also worked with individuals and groups of children to prepare them for the closure and be ready for their next steps.  The response we received from people across all stakeholder groups has been fantastic, a wonderful testimony to everything that has been achieved in the Aspired Futures lifetime.

I wanted to let you know that since the closure of Aspired Futures was announced, our Board of Trustees have been in dialogue with the team at The Boathouse Youth - a highly regarded youth organisation that deliver excellent services for children and young people across Blackpool.

Our recent conversations with them have been in regard to a potential new service for our children and young people. As a Board of Trustees, we were very keen to ensure we could signpost them all to appropriate alternative services, which could help the children and young people sustain their personal achievements and further develop their life skills. We want to ensure that the services we recommend are reliable, consistent and offer a safe and secure environment in which children will remain engaged and have fun.

We hope that by sign-posting our children and young people to a new service we are enabling them to begin a new chapter in their development and we have every faith they will go on to achieve their full potential. We wish them all the very best. This ensures that all the children and young people will have the opportunity to continue to practice and develop the life-skills they learned at Aspired Futures and be offered interesting, engaging, and fun activities.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Over the coming weeks we intend to share happy memories of Aspired Futures across our social media, we hope you will visit our pages and our website and that you will be able to help us celebrate the achievements of around 200 amazing children and young people and the fantastic staff and volunteers who have helped children believe in themselves and be confident they can achieve whatever targets they set for themselves. If you have special memories of Aspired Futures please share them with the team, we want to capture as many positive memories as we can. If you would like to email the office inbox, office@aspired-futures.com with your thoughts we will be very pleased to hear from you.

We have also be reflecting as a group on the people who have helped our children and young people achieve and go forward with life-lasting skills. All the volunteers who have freely given their time, energy and enthusiasm, we could not have delivered quality services without them. The friends, supporters, sponsors and fundraisers who have gone out of their way to help make things better and easier for our children, The Kensington Foundation for their generous gift in kind of allowing us to share their beautiful home-from-home building. And the grant funders, large and small, who have shared our vision and believed in us throughout the journey. A particular thank you is due to the current funders who are supporting us to the end to ensure the exit for our children, volunteers and staff is structured and positive.

The belief in our work from grant funding organisations and other donors has enabled us to make a real and lasting difference to around 200 children. The Lottery Communities grants have been incredibly generous and supportive of us; they have funded more than half of all our costs for the last 6 years.  Having their backing gave confidence to, and encouraged other funders to come on board, to make up the remainder of our running costs. So many other organisations and individuals have secured services and we can’t thank them enough for their financial support and professional encouragement. Our website includes details of the supporters and to each and every one we say, THANK YOU.

Maggie Cornall
Chairperson of trustees