Based in Blackpool we provide long-term, life-changing therapeutic services for the most ‘hard to reach’ children and young people.

Our work would not be possible without the support of organisations such as The Kensington Foundation who provide us with rent free accommodation and local businesses who donate. We also have many individuals making donations and volunteering their time.

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We support children and young people ensuring they feel safe and that their voice will be heard, as they strive to meet their own challenges and achieve their personal goals. We want them to feel HAPPY. Here are some of the referral types we support.

Health & Social Care Professionals
Foster Carers & other Support Workers
Mainstream & Specialised Education
Social Housing Managers
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There are so many ways to help. From volunteering your time to fundraising or making financial contributions. You can even leave us something in your will. Every penny raised goes directly towards supporting our children and young people.

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Aspired Futures ceased delivering services on 31/03/2021. We would like to thank all those who supported our children and young people. Their support, encouragement and financial backing helped the team to support around 200 children over a period of twelve years. During that time some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people were able to learn, develop and practice real life skills which will vastly improve their chances of engagement and enjoyment in education and employment. Moreover, they have developed interpersonal skills to build respectful, kind and genuine relationships to make themselves and others happier, safer and more able to cope even when things go wrong.

We are pleased to be able to report that the vast majority of the children and young people we were supporting up to 31/03/2021 have enrolled with a new service being developed by the Boathouse Youth organisation. Their new service offers small-group intervention alongside virtual individual and group sessions when face-to-face opportunity is restricted. A former staff member has been successful in an application to join the Boathouse Youth team on a full-time basis and will be leading the new service. They will be supported in the sessions by two other former Aspired Futures staff and some of the Aspired Futures volunteers. This means that our children and young people will be welcomed and reassured in the new service by people they know and trust. The Boathouse Youth service will be a way of growing and practicing the skills they learned at Aspired Futures.
We have been pleased to share and distribute the resources we had accumulated at the Lodge on Whitegate Drive. These resources were donated to other Blackpool charities who work to support local vulnerable children and young people with tailored services and club activities.
To have had the opportunity to support children in the calming and welcoming home the Kensington Foundation shared with us has been a privilege and was a huge part of our own unique service. We have now vacated the property, the children, young people, volunteers, staff and many visitors will keep fond memories of a very special house.

On a formal business level, the trustees have engaged legal and professional services regarding the closure of the charity and company. This process has begun alongside the preparing of end-of-project reports for our grant funders and the administrative and financial tasks to ensure all our obligations are met.

The journey of Aspired Futures has been exciting, demanding, joyful, challenging, happy and sad. Aspired Futures children and young people have achieved amazing things and will go on to achieve more in the future. We will all hold special memories and thank everyone who has been part of the journey with us. We have met many wonderful people and everyone has been part of making a real difference.