Matt’s marathon ‘attempt’

I guess the first question when anyone says they are going to run a marathon is why? It’s a crazy distance and you need to be super fit with lots of time to train. In my case I have a great reason to attempt a marathon and the motivation for it came last year.

Some of you may recall I spent a day at Aspired Futures last year filming a video to go on the new website. I met some amazing people and got a great insight into how Aspired Futures works. As a designer we get to works on lots of cool projects for many different types of companies and organisations but my experience at Aspired Futures was completely different to anything I’ve ever done before. I remember driving back with my colleague discussing how privileged we felt to have met the team, children and young people.

Aspired Futures is all about changing outlooks and our day there certainly did that for us.

Back to why I’m running a marathon then! Simple, I want to raise money to help Aspired Futures to continue with their great work. The reason it has to be a marathon is because I’m horrendous at running so it is a big challenge!

Whilst this is my first post my training actually started back in November. I always keep fit but have stayed well clear of running because it’s just not my thing. You can probably imagine then my first 3 mile run which was a complete shock to the system. It was cold, dark, raining and to be blunt – painful. Since then I’ve built up my distance and now have a structured training programme in place. This means 3 runs per week, two are 6 miles and the third run at the weekend is as far as I can go. I also do weight training, climbing and some biking each week. Yesterday I completed a half marathon followed by half chicken roast dinner to give me back some energy!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting updates of my training and journey to ‘hopefully’ completing a full marathon. I use the word hopefully because I do have an ongoing problem with disc damage in my back which could stop me. However, I am getting regular physio and doing everything I can to avoid injury.

Mentally I’m fully prepared. If I fail doing this but have done everything possible I have succeeded. If I fail doing this and haven’t tried then I have truly failed. As the race date gets closer I’m cranking everything up. I’m running further, eating healthier and for the past week I haven’t had any alcohol.

I hope you find this post interesting and would welcome any questions from you guys at Aspired Futures.

Let’s do it! Wooohoooo!

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