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Supporting children and young people ensuring
they feel SAFE & VALUED

Aspired Futures believes in total equality of opportunity for all. Children and young people who have faced disadvantage or challenge are supported throughout childhood into adolescence to be empowered to grasp every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

To support our children and young people we are actively engaged in multi-agency support and keen to ensure their voice is heard.

We have built a strong relationship with other professionals who engage with us through referrals and joint on-going support.

Every child or young person being referred to Aspired Futures will be offered the opportunity to have their say in whether they receive our support.  Only with their agreement and after a considered and professional assessment of their needs will they be invited to attend sessions or groups at Aspired Futures.  If, in our professional judgement, we are not the right service to fit the needs of a child or young person we will signpost them to the service, agency or organisation who can help them and act as their advocate if necessary.

Call Sue now on 01253 769 755 to discuss our support services. Thank you.

Through joined up working we are able to support the most vulnerable children and those facing crisis situations.   Sharing professional high standards we ensure children and young people have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We work closely with dedicated people who are working hard to ensure children who have suffered crisis can experience a stable family life and access education, leisure, culture, sport and art on an equal level to any other child or young person.

Our professional co-working with education professionals is based on mutual respect for our areas of expertise.  The extra-curricular support from Aspired Futures helps many children and young people re-engage in learning and demonstrate their ability to improve their interpersonal skills, change behaviour and grow in confidence.

Aspired Futures works in support of social housing managers to support their tenancy strategy including  ‘That the use of social rented housing helps meet wider objectives, including stronger communities, more and higher value jobs, and better health’.  Aspired Futures is fully engaged in improving the life chances of young people and enabling them to become positive contributors to their communities.

NB: the ‘in quotes’ text is taken from the Blackpool Council Fylde Coast Local Authorities’ Tenancy Strategy April 2011 document. Click here to view.

We have built strong and lasting bonds of support with children and young people over several years of providing therapeutic services.  Our long term support model ensures that young people can  contact us in periods of transition or crisis knowing we will continue to offer advice, guidance and support whenever it is needed.  We also have honest relationships with parents, carers and families and are able to support siblings and other family members who are otherwise at risk of failing to thrive.

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